Performance tape for long term corrosion protection of wet or dry pipes, flanges, valves and related infrastructure

Stac Tape System

Stac Prime
Stac Fill
Stac Guard
Stac Brochure
The Stac Advantage

Denso Tape System

Denso Paste
Densyl Tape
Denso Profilling Mastic
Denso Utility Tape

Trenton Wax Tapes

Temcoat Primers
Trenton # 1
Trenton # 2
Trenton Fill Pro
MCO Outerwrap

Liquid epoxy coatings designed as a patch material, internal lining, field applied girth weld coating or pipe rehabilitation.

Denso Protal Epoxy Coatings

Protal 7200
Protal 7200 Repair Cartridge
Protal 7200 Spray Cartridge (1000 ml)
Protal 7125
Protal ARO

Denso Protal High Build Coal Tar Epoxy Coatings

Protol 600 CTE High Build Coal Tar Epoxy for Sheet Piles, Pipes, Tanks and more

3M Scotchkote Epoxy Coatings

Scotchkoteâ„¢ 323 Epoxy Coating
Spray Application & Brush grades
50ml, 450ml, quart, and gallon kits

Protective Rockshield for long-term mechanical protection of steel or plastic pipe

Tuff-N-Nuff Rockshield

3/8 x 36" x 30' rolls
ANY WIDTH up to 72" x ANY LENGTH desired

Fiberglass Composite solutions can not only restore a pipe to its original psi rating, but can actually make the repair area stronger than the original pipe

NRI Innovative Composite Solutions

Syntho-Glass XT

Encapsulation systems that protect steel, concrete and timber structures in splash and tidal zones too severe for paint systems, epoxies or other forms of conventional protection

Denso Marine Systems

SeaSheild Series 2000HD- Steel and concrete pile protection system
SeaSheild Series 100- Timber pile protection system
SeaSheild Series 70- Fiberglass wrap system

SplashPro Systems

SPLASHpro M2 Series Bolted HDPE System
SPLASHpro M1 Series Banded HDPE System
STACwrap Marine Tape System