Long-life corrosion protection, sealing and waterproofing of atmospheric buried and submerged metal surfaces.



Surface Treatment Primer

A brush-applied paste that displaces surface moisture, pacifies surface oxides, fills surface imperfections and ensures bond between STACwrap and the substrate. STACprime is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salts. It will not support combustion, no V.O.C.'s.

Profiling Compound

A putty-like compound used for profiling the contours of valves, flanges, fittings, nuts, bolts and other irregular shapes prior to wrapping with STACwrap.

STACfill is non-hardening and self-supporting

STACfill accommodates vibration and mechanical stress

STACfill is non-toxic ,non-flammable and contains no V.O.C's

High Conformability Petrolatum Tape

STACwrap is designed for long term corrosion protection, sealing and water-proofing of atmospheric, buried and submerged metal surfaces.

STACwrap is a non -woven stitch bonded synthetic fabric saturated and coated with a neutral petrolatum compound and blended with inert fillers and corrosion inhibitors

STACwrap remains stable in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range.

STACwrap accommodates vibrations and extreme movement of the substrate.

STACwrap is non-toxic, non-flammable with high dielectric strength

STACwrap is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis and salts.

Adhesive Overwrap Tape

A tough, conformable, pressure sensitive wrap that provides increased mechanical strength and electrical resistance

STACguard is designed for protection against backfill and soil stress

STACguard is highly impervious to water, water vapor and air

STACguard has excellent long term resistance to alkalis, acids, oil and bacteria