Protection systems developed specifically for the protection of new and existing jetty piling in tidal zones, providing splash zone protection for steel, concrete and timber structures in harsh environments where conditions are too severe for paint systems, epoxies or other forms of conventional protection.

Fabricated Marine Systems

Waterproof coating and fabricated jacket system secured by a selected strapping system specific to different environments that combats exposure to weathering, prevailing currents, marine growth, pollution and mechanical impact in marine environments .The system displaces water and develops a water resistant bond for concrete piles, preventing spalling and rebar corrosion, and prevents infestation of marine borers on timber piles.

Extensive consultancy service available from manufacturer to meet specific requirements.


Denso SeaShield Marine Systems

SeaSheild Series 2000HD- Steel and concrete pile protection system
SeaSheild Series 100- Timber pile protection system
SeaSheild Series 70- Fiberglass wrap system

SplashPro MARINE Systems

SplashPro M2 Series Bolted HDPE System
SplashPro M1 Series Banded HDPE System
STACwrap Marine Tape Systems

Uses & Applications for Fabricated Marine Systems

  • Minimal surface preparation, requiring no sandblasting and threat of debris dropping into water
  • Fast, safe and easy application
  • Can be applied underwater
  • Proven 75 year history of corrosion protection
  • One piece jackets
  • High impact resistance in aggressive marine environments
  • UV resistant
  • Long maintenance-free service life
  • Can be used on offshore platform legs, risers, wharf piles and exposed piping in the splash and tidal zones