What is The STAC Advantage?

The STAC Advantage when price and service count

STAC offers a significant cost savings over all major Tapes in the market- quote and compare to Denso, Trenton or Polyken

STAC is ALWAYS available for immediate shipment on a just-in time basis, guaranteed

STAC assures no waste or overages: Our staff is expert at determining the exact quantities required

STAC shipments are tracked and communicated until your order arrives on site, on time every time

The STAC Advantage when working in harsh environments

• When only very minimal surface preparation is possible
• In Wet conditions unsuitable for other products like paint
• When corrosion protecting Immersed surfaces
• In Tidal areas
• In Cold weather conditions
• In Limited access areas
• When corrosion protecting highly irregular surfaces such as valves, fittings, flanges and couplings

The STAC Advantage when cost and productivity matter

Simple and forgiving, STAC application is unmatched in man-hour productivity:

• Small work crew requirements
• Simple training requirements
• Minimal tool requirements (scissors and wire brush)

STAC can be applied while substrate is in operation without production shutdown

STAC is Applied Cold without the associated dangers and costs of heating

STAC requires Minimal Surface Preparation without Sand Blasting and its associated Environmental challenges

STAC is Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable and contains No VOC's

STAC is ready for backfill and service immediately after application without downtime related to cure times

The STAC Long-Life Advantage

• Stable Long Shelf Life over 40 years (STAC does NOT expire)
• 20-30 Years of Service life
• Maintenance and Inspections performed with ease and without disruption to service


When your spec calls for Petrolatum Wax Tape, Cold Applied Tape, or a specific wax tape brand "equivalent" — remember The STAC Advantage for Low Cost, High Level corrosion protection.